Hugues Clement

Montreal, Québec

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//Since winning the SAT’s Bourse Euterke contest as an emerging VJ in 2011, motion designer and audiovisual artist Hugues Clément, based in Montreal, has further refined his very singular, dichotomy-dismantling approach to VJing through performances at MUTEK, Igloofest and showcased works in Beijing, Brussels and Paris. Informed by studies in electroacoustics and compositional work for the theatre and contemporary dance, Clément comes at VJing with scrupulous artistic deliberations and a playful bent for digital manipulations and abstracted graphic juxtapositions.


  1. caleb wood
  3. John Ensor Parker
  4. Raven Kwok
  5. Sickness Concepts
  6. ROM
  7. Rickard Bengtsson
  8. Maximiliane Wadler
  9. Push 1 stop
  10. Rebel Overlay
  11. Stefaan Delay
  12. The Jellyfish Act
  14. Vincent Houze
  15. Loren Sunderland
  16. Jonas Johansson
  17. Chocobeets
  18. Nicolas Bernier

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