Hugues Clement

Montreal, Québec

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//Since winning the SAT’s Bourse Euterke (Montreal) contest as an emerging VJ in 2011, audiovisual artist and vj Hugues Clément has further refined his very singular, dichotomy-dismantling approach through performances at MUTEK, Igloofest , Circle of light/Moscow light festival (RU), FICFA in Moncton (CA), LPM (Eindhoven (NL) edition) and showcased works in Beijing (CN), Brussels (BE), Paris (FR), Seattle (US), Buenos Aires (AR) and Madrid (ES). His studies in journalism (CEGEP de Jonquière), in electroacoustic composition (University of Montreal) and his collaborations with contemporary dance stimulate reflections on artistic freedom in his work: by audiovisual performances, composition, VJing and installation, Hugues Clément tries to capture today in a personal way, in various ramifications, questioning mainly digital manipulation, formalism, relationship between audio/visual, creativity/technology and public/art of today. He recently won the 1st place of the audiovisual competition The Crystal Interface (festival Mutek + Elektra 15) with his work G L E A M. //


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