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New York, NY

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Founder and Senior Consultant at Heavyweight Internet Group
(shull at iheavy dot com), author, speaker, and small business owner with ten years independent consulting experience. Database Administrator, with Application Tuning and Troubleshooting specialty, in a wide variety of businesses. Always interested in Oracle projects integrating with open-source technologies, as well as MySQL administration, and tuning. In addition to regular whitepapers, journal articles, and speaking engagements, work closely with database vendors, and am on the board of directors of the NY Oracle User Group.

o author of "Oracle and Open Source" - O'Reilly, April 2001
o also published in Oracle Technology Network, NY Oracle User Group, International Oracle User Group SELECT, EFY India and DBA Zine
o FOURTEEN years experience as an independent consultant in all aspects of Oracle Administration
o experience with small startups, and fortune 500 companies
o diverse technology background, and exposure
o very strong writing, and client-facing skills
o experience running small business (accounting, sales, marketing, hiring, management, strategic decision making, managing budget, contract negotiation, project scoping etc)
o experience working with ad-hoc teams
o experience working with geographically distributed teams using skype, email, conferencing, instant messaging, wikis, ticketing systems, software repositories, and web project tracking tools

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