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  1. EAT: The Story of Food

    by The Film Artist joined

    67 Videos / 115 Members

    A National Geographic producer contacted me last week regarding a 6 part series their team is making. They wanted to use some of my work, she also had other requirements so I advised her that some…

  2. Awardeo

    by The Awardeo Company joined

    3,653 Videos / 3,841 Members

    The awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best filmmakers on Vimeo. Website: http://www.awardeo.tv Add your videos for a chance to be featured. Lean back and enjoy! /The Awardeo…

  3. Documentary

    by Alaska HDTV joined

    15.1K Videos / 5,328 Members

    Share your long or short documentary in full or promote your reel.

  4. Video Journalism

    by John Winslow Poole joined

    11.5K Videos / 3,798 Members

    A place for visual storytelling and documentary journalism. Let's see some good stuff!

  5. Comedy Central

    by Andy Orozco joined

    702 Videos / 230 Members

    Get your laugh on!

  6. Political Video Art

    by heidi r.c.n.w joined

    761 Videos / 445 Members

    Are your video works political? Are they— this one is more tricky— art? If you make video art about political issues, this is the group to share your work.

  7. Austrian School Economics

    by Ricky Moore joined

    5 Videos / 5 Members

    A group for Austrian economists and other marginal subjectivists in social theory.

  8. finances and economics

    by lux joined

    12 Videos / 10 Members

  9. Economics

    by akwyz joined

    3 Videos / 2 Members

  10. Politics

    by Jurgen Verstrepen joined

    98 Videos / 64 Members

  11. Short movies: DV, HD and Film

    by Nils Hachmeister joined

    2,276 Videos / 1,092 Members

    Show your work. Short movies / films - scenic work! NO DOUBLE OR TRIPLE POSTINGS PLZ!!!! BE POLITE

  12. The Good Stuff

    by Nenad Micic joined

    6,236 Videos / 6,738 Members

    The Good Stuff videos! A growing collection of the nice selected videos! :-) Thanks Related channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/thegoodstuff

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