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Making it into the creative industry still depends on who you know, as much as what you know. Meeting the person who can give you the right feedback or a break in the industry is the hard part. That’s why Hungry Creatives was born.

Our aim is to showcase the work of the hopefuls who aim to make their mark in the industry. We have put these hungry creatives on the same page as people who have made it, who were kind enough to share their experiences and journeys.

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  • Hungry Creatives - Filming and interviewing people that are trying to break into the creative industry and those who have already made it. Then putting them on the same page.


  1. Projector Films
  2. Ginny Loane
  3. Geoffrey Hall ACS
  4. Lisa Vertudaches
  5. Alex Sutherland
  6. Yoon Hee Kim
  7. Fredrik Kasperi
  8. Rodrigo Cantalejo
  9. Andrew Norton
  10. Selina Miles
  11. The Herd
  12. Tony Zhou
  13. Fanny Chabot
  14. Ben Feist
  15. Campbell Hooper
  16. Jungle
  17. luis herrera
  18. Richard Phelan

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