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Cincinnati, OH, USA

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As an web/interactive developer and a music composer/producer, I like to help people bring their ideas to life. I deal with the fiddly bits and make it work so you don’t have to.


I am an Interactive developer focusing on HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP and Actionscript development. I’ve been building websites since 1995. JQuery has ruined me of pure Javascript programming and I’m mostly OK with that. I have been known to make WordPress do things for which it was never intended… I’m OK with that too. Often the only programmer in a large studio full of designers, I spend a lot of my day making other people’s excellent designs become more interactive, animated and functional.

I am also a music composer/producer (for Hungry Lucy). Our music was featured in the Free Culture/examples folder in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). We’ve also sold a lot of CDs and digital music over the past several years and choose to license our music under a Creative Commons license. Yes, people pay for music they can get for free! I’ve also done a lot of remixes for other people.

I enjoy immersing myself in the details and leave the “big picture thinking” to those more qualified. My favorite kind of task is one that I’m still learning how to complete.

I live and work in Cincinnati, OH

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