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Kevin S. Hutchison - Freelance Jib Operator and Production Manager with a background mainly in outdoor sports television, adventure, and corporate video.

Look for the "Summit" jib at the PBR bull riding tour all year long on CBS and CBS Sports Network!

Summit Digital Films (founded in Bend, Oregon in 1992) has been Idaho based since 2000. Summit Operates on several different levels of film and video production, depending on clients needs. Summit’s Sole Proprietor, Kevin Hutchison has filled the role of Production manager, Director of Photography, Camera Operator (with an emphasis on jibs), and Specialty Equipment designer. Kevin has a BA degree in Cinema from Columbia College-Hollywood.

In the role of production management, Summit meets with the client as needed in the pre-production stages to help decide on crew, equipment and logistics for the production. Using Kevin’s diverse experience in the field and vast network of resources, Summit will give competent input during pre production that will accommodate the clients’ need for efficiency and value with an emphasis on using as many resources within Idaho as possible. And because Summit has virtually no overhead, no hierarchy of staff, managers and managers of managers, this gets done very fast. Summit’s recent works include videos in the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation "Go On" Campaign, College of Western Idaho “Shine Like a Diamond” Television spot, Motorola Campaign, and The Oakley Electronic Eyewear Video.

In the camera department, Kevin has years of experience on myriad of productions spanning from photographing tequila on Mexican beaches to operating 100’ Strada cranes on snow covered mountainsides for sporting events such as ESPN’s Xgames to creating scenes using Idaho’s beautiful landscapes and in studio spaces right here in Boise. Recent works include The 2010 Olympic Winter Games, FIBT World Cup Bobsleigh Tour, Professional Bull Riding Tour and The Mexican Bicentennial Celebration.

Production Gear:
30’ (max reach) Jimmy Jib Triangle (Canon video, Fuji video, and 32 pitch film gears)
30’ (max reach) Panther Pixy Crane with CamMate remote head
10’ (max reach) Dykortech advanta jib lite
Stanton remote head
Panther Husky Dolly
Panasonic HVX200 HD P2 camcorder
2 GoPro HD Waterproof POV mini camcorders
Canon 550D HD DSLR Camcorder Package:
-Canon L series 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens
-Canon 18-55mm zoom lens
-Canon 10-22mm wide zoom lens
-Canon 50mm prime lens
Sennheiser G2 Wireless Audio plug/lav package
2Sennheiser ME-66 Shotgun microphones
Tascam Dr-100 field audio recorder
Arri 4 point lighting kits (300w-1000w) containing various diffusion, gels and supports
2 1000w Honda generators
Enclosed 6x10 equipment trailer


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