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Hype Media is an agency that specializes in artist marketing and management which fuses skills and competences from urban hip hop to electronic music under one roof. If the philosophies of electronic music culture and hip hop looked extremely contrary just a few years ago, today there is a smooth transition which defines a constant progress of new trends and styles. Hype Media unites know-how from both – and builds stylistic bridges between those two sub-cultures. Besides its own booking unit, Hype Media is focused on talent management and national artist marketing.
While Hype Media guides the professional career of its artists in the field of music, the Hype Media team is taking care of all artists’ matters from any genre. Hype Media oversee the day-to-day business affairs of their artists, advise and counsel talents concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career. Besides its own artists, Hype Media also promotes top international acts and organizes events worldwide. Hype Media speaks the language of electronic and urban youth cultures and is therefore able to perform as an authentic intersection between these scenes and the market. Developing design and communication concepts, the Hype Media Marketing- and Design-Unit additionally offers their partners to benefit from the agency’s competences and skills in the field of scene marketing – targeting music interested, fashion-conscious and opinion leader groups.
Hype Media found its base in Miami, FL where all the strings of Hype Medias national network come together. Hype Media was founded in 1998 by two partners who are deeply involved in the marketing and urban music scenes – and who have made serious contributions to the development of those scenes: Michael Oz and Stephanie Krieger. Within a short period of time they have built the Hype Media team, where every single member contributes its own creative spirit and individual personality to the whole talent pool. The spirit of Hype Media lives in every member of the family and is shaped by their diverse influences, personal experiences and multi-cultural backgrounds.. But what unites all of these people? Their passion for music and culture! Since the end of 2010, Hype Media is presenting its new platform HypeMediaMusic.com that unites electronic music, urban and street culture at one place. In close collaboration with its artists, the platform is spreading the creative spirit which makes the Hype Media family so special and unique.

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