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Adrian “DJ DUBZ” Wiltshire brings the precision, high energy, and finesse that he has been known for in the dance industry to the turntables. Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, he is a veteran of over 10yrs to the entertainment industry; he's toured the world dancing and choreographing for artists such as Ne-Yo, Sade, Mariah Carey, Diddy, Nelly Furtado, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Hudson and Is currently on tour DJ-ing and Dancing alongside Cheryl Cole A Million Lights Tour, in addition to being featured in movies such as Dream Girls, Stomp the Yard 1 & 2, Honey, and, most recently, the box office smash STEP UP 3D. Even more impressive to his credits, he has accomplished this all by his mid 20’s.

Being a master of movement to music, Dubz has upgraded his one-time hobby of spinning on the ones and twos into a full fledged craft that is on-par with some of the most elite DJ’s in the game. While mastering the science of DJ’ing, Dubz is a stand out when he's on deck because of the x-factors he brings from his professional dance expertise and diverse background. Being young and experienced makes Dubz a forced to be reckoned with due to his knowledge of classics as well as having everything that's hot and fresh at his finger tips from his inside connections with the music industry.

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