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  1. Southern Seminary

    Southern Seminary PRO Louisville, KY


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    At Southern Seminary, TRUTH is our foundation for learning and our LEGACY runs deep. Each year, thousands of students see their VISION come alive while fulfilling their ministry calling with us. We believe that we are living in serious times and we are looking for students who are serious about impacting…

  2. Sovereign Grace Ministries

    Sovereign Grace Ministries Louisville, KY


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    Sovereign Grace Ministries is a family of churches passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are devoted to planting and supporting local churches, with a strong doctrinal basis that is evangelical, Reformed, and continuationist. We support our churches personally and relationally, as well as…

  3. Grace Community Church

    Grace Community Church PRO Sun Valley, CA


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    Grace is central because it is by God's grace that we're even here. He has seen fit to assemble this body of believers to exalt His son, Jesus Christ — the One whose death and resurrection gives us peace with God and the hope of heaven. You'll find that His grace is the common thread…

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