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When you look at the greatest to ever do it in Hip Hop, you look at Brooklyn. And when you think about Brooklyn, and you think about Hip Hop; you think about lyrical content and swagger. So when you look at the future of Hip Hop and Brooklyn…you’re looking at Sean Perry. Born Sean Lott in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Sean endured many hardships. The sights and sounds of Sean’s environment have always been used as fuel for inspiration, like his very trying relationship with his father, who has been bound to a wheelchair since the time Sean turned one year old. Such experiences and many more give Sean the relentless strength and inspiration to attack. Sean’s vivid story telling relates you to his experiences and sells you his dreams. Through countless hours of practice and mental preparation Sean Perry has developed into a brilliant MC. His strength and range has been tested countless ways. Perry is a normal fixture in MC battles where it’s put up or shut up, and he always gets them fools to shut up. He has written countless songs and has been rapping from age 9 and over the last eleven years has become a lethal lyricist. Sean Perry’s biggest influences come from older rappers. He is able to relate to their authenticity and story telling style. He studies these artists and feels that their descriptive views on their neighborhood struggles and promises form the true essence of hip-hop. Perry’s vocabulary is eclectic enough to gain the respect of any true street impresario, while still intriguing the brightest scholars, and maintaining the ladies’ vivid appeal of physical and emotional romance. And Sean does all of this without him coming off as a watered-down rapper. Looking to hit certain points, the boy is a natural and his music speaks for itself. Armed with Brooklyn behind him, and the newly formed production company F.I.I.T (Forever In It Together) Entertainment, with rapid-fire, flow, and extraordinary wordplay, Sean Perry is ready to be Brooklyn’s next finest MC!


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