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2014 Savvy Credit Video Festival 3rd Place Winner!!!

Andre Douglas is an independent filmmaker known for Directing, Writing and Producing several short films for both himself and other filmmakers such the upcoming action film "Nerf Rebellion" by Director, John Eagan ( Dream Fire Films). In 2008 at 17, he produced and starred in "Madman Ravioli" a situation comedy that aired 3 episodes for over 9months in syndication through Bloomfield Highschool's BETV. Andre is also the 3rd place winner in the 2014 Savvy Credit Video Festival hosted the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Aside from directing Andre has worked as a Key Grip for several Advanced NYU Tisch Grad Films including "Touching Leaves" by Caro Tamez, "A Day In Eden" by Assal Ghawami, "The Day The Coffee Stopped Working" by Lanny Huang. As Director/Producer his film credits include over 7 short films of the bunch, the most notable are "Marion Saint ", his 2013 dramatic senior thesis about a young college college discovering personal truth in a special mental facility after a tramatic experience, "Black Handbag", an upcoming 2014 horror film currently in post production about a purse snatchers run in with the Devils Daughter and the upcoming 3 part action/suspense film "RP:City of Assassins" which part one is scheduled to shoot this summer and released in 2015. Andre has been working alongside First Frame Films Director/Producer Joseph Eulo ( Creator of Trafico: Webseries) on several F.F.F productions including Music Videos(artists; 504 Gully and LaLa Romain) ; and Short Films ( En Avant by Jazmin Godoy, Sexercise by Earl Harris) as a Key Grip since January of 2013. Influences include Jon Favreau, Ben Stiller, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Adam Sandler , Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrell. Production Design for his last 2 films were headed by Andre and turned out great! so he plans to do so for his upcoming and future films until he can find an artist that can compliment his vision.


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