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Greetings Young World! Its the Kid ATG better known as Alexander The Great. Young hip hop artist, native to the 305 currently residing in Gainesville Florida.

From freestyle battles, to hosting major events and rocking shows. You named it and I have done it! Started off writing poetry in the 6th grade after my mother passed from breast cancer and then my craft just evolved and from then on I strived to continue to be a fighter just like she was before she passed. So when I make music, host shows, rock crowds its always her spirit within me with each event.

I have featured over several mixtape projects and have two projects of my own circulating the web (Fish Food For Thought, Champagne Dreams, Kool-Aid Money) and currently working on my third mixtape (Turn Off The Radio).

But enough with the chatter, lets get to what matters!! Check out my videos, comment, show love, hate, or whatever it is that you feel! Im out!


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