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  1. 02:34

    iA Animtips

    by iAnimate

    3 Videos

  2. 34:53

    Instructors spotlight

    by iAnimate

    10 Videos

    Get to know our talented team of animation instructors.

  3. 51:50

    Students Spotlight

    by iAnimate

    117 Videos

    Some of the best work from our animation students.

  4. 23:19


    by iAnimate

    33 Videos

  5. 56:48

    Student Showreel

    by iAnimate

    13 Videos

    The iAnimate Member Showcase represents some of the best work from our students. Come join us! Enroll now at www.ianimate.net Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/iAnimate.net Follow us on Twitter:…

  6. 17:27

    iAnimate Games student work

    by iAnimate

    111 Videos

    Here's a collection of some of the best work our students enrolled in the Gaming animation program created. Get more information about our online animation workshops: www.ianimate.net/workshops/games.html Follow…

  7. 03:59:16

    Special Events

    by iAnimate

    19 Videos

    iAnimate would like to share with our followers, students, and friend these online events where we bring together the top professionals from both the traditional and digital worlds of animation.…

  8. 07:25:13


    by iAnimate

    53 Videos

  9. 47:25

    Let's talk about Games

    by iAnimate

    20 Videos

    "Let's talk about Games" is a series of short interviews produce by iAnimate Games with key players from the video game industry.

  10. 02:10:55

    iAnimate Lab

    by iAnimate

    33 Videos

  11. 02:01:55

    How To

    by iAnimate

    2 Videos

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