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Orange, CA/ Philadelphia, PA

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I study Film/Video at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Interested in all types of media: Music, Film, Fashion. I work at Media Giraffes Production company in Philadelphia following its artists and music scene. One day I hope to specialize in sound (post/production) while being able to fund my own documentaries. Big goals to accomplish so watch out


  1. CODA skateboards
  2. Zach Thomas
  3. David Miess
  4. Grant Yansura
  5. Josh Brede
  6. Mike Koziel
  7. Chris Mulhern
  8. Kazia Nowacki
  9. Philip Bloom
  10. Woodshed Films
  11. Andrew Wonder

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  1. was the doc ever finished? since the store closed this is a definite piece of philadelphia history
  2. Hey I used to work there and have to commend you on letting them let you shoot. I remember them being very against any one with cameras in the store taking pictures.