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Ian McArthur is the producer of The Collabor8 Project (C8) a platform to foster multidisciplinary collaboration between art and design education programs in different cultures. In 2003 Ian instigated C8 设计吧 (pronounced Shè Jì Ba) to challenge design students from universities and colleges in Australia and China to collaborate online in ways that reflect contemporary networked creative practices. Since 2006 C8 has been based at the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales (UNSW). Rare Earth is the most recent iteration of this design education initiative.

Ian has held leadership roles in vocational and higher education in Australia and South East Asia. From 2001 - 2003 he was Program Director of Graphic Design, La Salle DHU International Design College (Donghua University, Shanghai, China). Ian holds an MA Design (Middlesex University, UK) and two education degrees (UTS, Sydney). Ian currently coordinates COFA Online's Undergraduate online program and lectures in the School of Design studies at The College of Fine Art (UNSW).

在2003年至2004年间,伊恩麦克阿瑟先生发起成立了设计吧(C8 )项目,这是一个旨在促进更多不同设计课程之间、不同文化之间的在线设计合作的项目。



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