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Anchorage, Alaska

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Founded and directed two companies.

Conceived and produced Texas Instrument’s interactive “Kitchen of the Future.”

Charmed press corps and advertising partners with multimedia gala for ABC Radio’s debut of “Radio Disney.”

Created Flash-based web presentations promoting Sharepoint, Microsoft’s enterprise software. Four vertical-market scenarios were explored.

Produced “Voyage to 3G” for Ericsson, a 3D computer-generated journey exploring future of mobile phones. Unveiled at CEBIT—the world’s largest tech expo—the DVD was featured at Ericsson trade shows for three years.

Produced over 100 disparate web and new media projects, many for Fortune 500 companies. Forged creative teams and guided each initiative from project conception to completion.

Developed E-learning program. Produced educational kiosk and CD entitled “Living Languages,” now playing at Orlando linguistics museum.

Created online software walk-throughs, technical visualizations and application interfaces for such clients as TI, Samsung, Ericsson and Microsoft.

Designed and programmed interactive Jeopardy-style educational game.

Conceived and coded creative project-tracking software called “StudioTracker,” customized to meet the requirements of six creative agencies, including JC Penney Life Insurance.

Launched a training company, MentorMax, which trained over1,200 individuals in creative software tools.

Produced tradeshow media for CEBIT, CTIA, Supercom, NAB and VON.

• Video and web presentation producer and director
• 10-year veteran ninja with Adobe After Effects
• Flash-based web story teller
• Veteran Producer of over 80 digital presentations
• Video Production and Broadcasting Consultant
• Instructor/Consultant
• FileMaker Pro Developer

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