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My name is Danielle. I have been riding horses for about ten years. I own four horses at the moment, and am taking care of one other.

"RA Addonna's Fire":
Blood Bay(unfortunately going grey), "Le Fire" Arabian, 15.2hand, 20years, birthed on Febuary 13th, 1988, mare, with four white socks, an enlongated snip, and, a star.
She's been trained in Western trail, Western Pleasure, Reining, English Pleasure, Dressage, and Hunter under Saddle. I have trained her in Trail riding/Endurance, and Gymkhana. I have owned Fire since early 2006. I took lesson and rode her for a year before.

Thorughbred, mare, 16.2hands, 16-18years, black-bay, rescued in 2007.
She was abandoned and starved. Because her pasture mate had died while she was around, she was quite aggressive. We've made good progress and I will soon be showing her.
She jumps 3'6" and looks like she could easliy go higher. She's got some dressage training too.
Alice is in LOVE with Pilgrim.

Quarter Horse, gelding, Red Dun with Zebra stripes and Dorsal stripe, 15.2hands, about 9-10years, two white socks, a star and almost invisible snip. (it looks like a kiss mark on his lip!)
He was abused and aggressive. We rescued him in mid 2003. Pil was my first horse. He's still very green, as he wasn't handled before age 4-5. (nor gelded) He really wants to please, but just has way too much energy for his own good!
He was trained for a short while in Roping and as a Ranch horse.

Quarter Horse/Breeding Grade Appaloosa, mare, 14.1-14.3hands, Sorrel, white sock, star, and around 23 years old.
She was neglected and 300lbs under weight when we rescued her. She's been trained and shown in Cutting and Gymkhana. Apparently she won $80,000 in local shows. She's a lot of fun to ride, but has bad arthitis and needs a good amount of medication. But she would rather be in pain than just sit around and do nothing.
She's got great spirit and now that her legs are better, will be doing some walk/trot or gymkhana fun shows in time!

and the one I am helping with;
"Jake" aka "Boomtown Charlie":
16.1-2 hands, Thoroughbred, gelding, EX-race horse, 29years, Chestnut, white stripe down his face, and a sock. He's skinny now, but still loving. My old riding instructor and I rescued him in late 2006, but he couldn't be afforded. A friend of a friend now has taken him in, and is allowing me to assist in his rehab.
He's very cuddly and loving. He loves people and is so forgiving. He raced for 11 years, winning most of the races. He was left tied to a fence next to a highway overnight, before the animal control got a hold of him. We had to fight and fight to get him from them, as they were positive he had strangles. He clearly didn't and after forcing them to hear our vet out, we were able to obtain him. He was brought back to health and adopted out. His new owners' other horse died, and they couldn't bare to keep him. We got him back, and then tried for a very long year, before it came down him having to be put to sleep. He was, again starved.
He found a home just days ago, and is on the road to recovery, yet again.

After all he's been through, he's never been mean, or aggressive. He's never looked down on people or gave up. He's always forgiven the people who have harmed and hurt him.
I hope he will be able to live out his days in peace now.

I call him Jake instead of Charlie. Before we found out his racing history, that's what we named him, and I think he should be able to completely forget about those terrible people and have a new life as Jake. :)
(he likes it better, anyhow.)

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