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Originally formed in 2001, Industrial Company Inc. (ICI) was born as a
counterpart for music stereotypes and self-imposed limits.

After 4 years and several line-ups ICI finally would begin working on
their debut album, DIRECT GOD. Following ANTHROPIC's arrival to the
band on 2005 and with the collaboration of Sean Beavan (NIN, Marilyn
Manson, Slayer, Guns n Roses, etc) in the album's production, the 11
stage record that describes the rise and decadence of a mechanized and
alienated society developed, until finally DIRECT GOD emerged on
August 8th, 2008, thus becoming the culmination for 7 years of search
and the origin of an unknown road still to roam.

Throughout it's history, ICI has demonstrated it's powerful musical
and scenic performance, which has lead them to participate in various
festivals and to share stage with bands like Fear Factory, Hanin Elias
(former Atari Teenage Riot), 8mm, In Flames, and many others.

The constant exploration of new concepts and the stark look at a
future that is already becoming present make of ICI a band with no
barriers, looking toward new horizons, not afraid of destroying
ancient canons and with the strength to create new perceptions.

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