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The International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK)
is a platform for contemporary dance under the artistic
direction of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten.

ICK has as its mission to be an arts centre for dance within a well-ramified Amsterdam network and in a distinct national and international context.
ICK works with a clear artistic signature,
strives for the continuous development and
enrichment of dance and breaks through artistic barriers.
From this epicentre of dance, ICK reaches
out to both the art lover and a curious and
open-minded audience by presenting much
talked-about dance productions from both
proven artists and new talented makers and
by executing high-quality education and
research programmes.
The many activities are accommodated by the
three ICK pillars:
Productions: producing projects by
Emio Greco | PC and associate artists.
Guest Artists: supporting young talent
in artistic and business matters.
Academy: providing transfer and
development of expertise in the field
of dance practice.

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