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Isabel Valverde is a transdisciplinary performer, choreographer and scholar from Portugal. Develops experimental solo and collaborative performance art/dance work since 1986. Graduated in Dance Theory and History (UCR), Interdisciplinary Arts (SFSU), and New Dance (SNDD). Her doctoral thesis, Interfacing Dance and Technology: a theoretical framework for performance in the digital domain, is translated into Portuguese and published by FCG/FCT (02/2010). Towards the familiarization of live-virtual embodied interactions and the continuum of actualization and virtualization, Valverde’s pursued a postdoctoral research in Dance-Technology (BPD/FCT/POTCI) at Institute of Humane Studies and Intelligent Sciences, VIMMI/INESC-ID, and UNLisboa, including practice as theory, teaching, collaboration in mixed-realities real-time interaction, networked performances and environments, and videodance.

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