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Hola a Todos! (Hi All!),

My background is in art/design although I consider myself to be a 'visual storyteller.' So, to me, that encompasses 2D work (in a variety of media), 3D graphics and video - I would say film but I think that would be a little unfair to those that have actually used it.

These days I do a lot of community-based mural workshops with young people that need it, and trust me, that's not always restricted to inner-city kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. 'Have paint will travel' is my motto, and so that's what I do; I go where ever the work takes me.

As well as that, in the past 2 years I've set up a project called B-WRITE (b-write.com) that teaches women how to create striking urban murals with spray-paint. It's still early days, but their progress is awesome and eventually their work will feature online. But until then, thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you soon!


A. Dee

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