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That's pretty much what we're all about.

Idle Games® has built the Idle Engine, a massively distributed simulation platform designed to provide an unsharded game world with patent-pending synchronous and asynchronous social game mechanics. We've also created the worlds' first polytheistic god game with exploding bunnies.

When we started, we had very different ideas about social games than our competitors. Two years latter we haven't changed any of our ideas, and lucky for us ... neither has our competition.

We don't care about quality, we're fanatical about it.

To us, quality is not only to be found in our technology, art and animation but also in the entertainment experience we provide our users. We settle for nothing less than delighting, engaging and entertaining our users. And yeah, while we are wanting to take Facebook games to a whole other level, we also want to create a company and culture that oozes awesomeness. Actually we want to ooze so much awesomeness that it collects in little, shimmering pools by our desks.

For two years we've been creating a company that attracts the best and brightest and gives them an opportunity to be inspired, innovate and work on games that are both dangerously creative and wildly complex.

Until now, social games haven't realized the promise of being truly “social” and instead rely on tactics like friend spamming and social guilt to increase profits. Idle Games® is changing that via products inextricably and uniquely integrated into the social graph.

Right now the social gaming industry is almost 4 years old and we've spent half that time building the most ambitious project ever to see a Facebook canvas.

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