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Anthony Burokas is the founder and President of IEBA Communications, LLC. He is a 20 year television production veteran whose key credits include more than 10 years as the engineer and technical director of "Flavors of America" and "Healthy Flavors" on PBS. He has run corporate production studios for Merck & Co. and for Mills TV. His award-winning outdoor adventure series "Wilderness Adventures Off The Beaten Path" is available at retail stores in Alaska. His freelance credits are too numerous to mention.

Anthony Burokas currently reviews the latest production gear and writes about HDTV for "EventDV" magazine, a monthly trade publication. Anthony is also the Publisher of "", a technical blog about digital video for event and corporate videographers. Considered an expert in the field, he is often called upon to consult and oversee local productions, or to review and report on industry events.

He is currently looking to join the production team at a training facility that makes creative use of video and audio assets to train worldwide representatives or at a high end production studio that could make full use of the skills Anthony has at his disposal.

Anthony Burokas

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