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"It would be nice to retire on one or on top of this curvature costs,
and put an end to the trip stop time. "

Ernst Jünger

Illador (Golden Island) is the name by which the philosopher Ernst Jünger renamed Sardinia, deeply fascinated by the scenarios, the sounds, the silences, the scents that enveloped him during a trip undertaken in 1954 on the island.

The Illador Films is a small independent video production company that collaborates with graphic designers, photographers, jugglers, actors and musicians, to create promotional videos, music videos, short films, documentaries. Their language is simple, direct. Their goal is to show, through any form of visual representation, even for a few frames, that exists beyond the visible surface of reality. Arouse emotions, to reflect, remember. Telling stories, promote art, stop a moment, groped forward to observing the importance of stopping occasionally to look around.

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