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iloobia (UK 1972) aka Tim Grabham is a visual artist currently living and working in London. His current preferred mediums are film, video and animation. Since hi-jacking his father’s super 8mm camera at the age of 14 he has been exploring improper ways to create moving images ever since, subsidizing independent short and feature length works with commercial and broadcast work.

The work is influenced by ritual, sound, disorientation, micro organisms and invoking dream-states. Constructing miniature alternate universes of strangeness with whatever materials, resources and location opportunities are available, however raw, the objective is to tug the viewer from a sense of familiarity into a portal of odd.

His first feature film, KanZeOn - a sensory exploration of sound in Japan co-directed with academic and musician Neil Cantwell has screened internationally, and he is now collaborating with film writer and mycology fanatic Jasper Sharp on his second feature - The Creeping Garden, exploring the plasmodial slime mould.

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