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Miami, FL

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7 Year event editor on PC and 1 year on Mac. Love being creative and experimenting with anything computer related.


  1. 24p Studios // Richard Jimenez
  2. Freefly
  3. Alexandr Ivanov
  4. AbelCine
  6. Visual Poet Studios
  7. Philip Bloom
  8. HUGO LUCERO  786.514.5229
  9. Jose Ortiz Films
  10. jochy fersobe
  11. artisland
  12. Pennylane Productions
  13. Ray Roman
  14. stillmotion
  15. Unik Productions

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  1. Hi, I'm noticing some rolling shutter. Was that the camera, compression or Vimeo conversion? I want to change to BMCC from Canon although your shots looked great but the RS has me worried.