Nikita Bogolyubov

Los Angeles, CA

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Nikita Bogolyubov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and had migrated with his family over to the US when he was only eight years old. He was lucky to be young enough to learn English without an accent, as well as maintain Russian fluently. He believes this unique selling point will help him get noticed in Hollywood.

He would describe himself as assertive, but not overbearing. Possesses a devilishly great sense of humor, but also has a very serious side as well. Down-to-earth, but not so naive as to not know what he has to offer. Genuine and brutally honest, but not too mean. A striving perfectionist in an imperfect world.

Coming from a strong computer and technology background, he is able to collaborate with professionals not only as an actor, but also a producer. Being knowledgeable in more than just acting allows him to fully utilize his potential to bring out the best in his performances.

Nikita presently resides in Los Angeles, California. He believes his tenacity, professionalism, and above-all, his genuine niceness will help him make a sizable impact in Hollywood. He has appeared in a few commercials, on primetime networks like NBC, CBS, and Disney, and hopes to transition into feature films in the near future. His ultimate goal is to bring his innate boyish charm to masses everywhere.

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