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Por el cine independiete!


  1. Maison Européenne de la Photo
  2. Marcos Rostagno
  3. CVM
  4. Producciones Falco Films
  5. Inspiration Rentals
  6. Ryan E. Walters
  7. Asociación Drupal
  8. erbp
  9. EFTI School of Photography
  10. El Foro
  11. Imagineer Systems
  12. Andrew Reid
  13. Dac Directores Argentinos
  14. Anima Estudio
  15. Nick Driftwood
  16. Ezequiel Capaldo
  17. Irina Shatalova
  18. Macgregor

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  1. Please, make the original file downloadable so can avoid the vimeo compression. Thanks.
  2. What lens and aperture you use in this video? Thanks for the tests.
  3. Excuse me, the original file for download is straight from camera or there are cuts and re renders?