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  1. Devoted to Motion

    by Devoted to Motion joined

    10.4K Videos / 2,737 Members

    This group was created by Designflux, the magazine devoted to motion graphic design. Designflux exists as a quarterly magazine, containing interviews, reviews and news with principle actors, creators…

  2. Motion Graphics

    by Cagri Cesmeci joined

    12.8K Videos / 3,617 Members

    Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

  3. Motionographer

    by Matt Daniels joined

    26.5K Videos / 6,886 Members

    Share your motion graphics. Thanks. Enjoy.


    by Dmitri Pütsepp joined

    4,540 Videos / 2,449 Members

    All FANTASY stuff. 3D. Visual effects. Animation. Make UP FX. Sculpting. Mattepainting. Films.

  5. 3D/2D Animation

    by Sebastian Luedke joined

    25.3K Videos / 6,869 Members

    Hi there, since I started this group it has been nearly 6years. Since that time it grew constantly. I will try to keep a certain quality standard and filter out some videos or some others which…

  6. After Effects

    by Grischa Theissen joined

    18.9K Videos / 5,561 Members

    Videos created with After Effects or related to After Effects like Tutorials or Tips/Tricks.

  7. After Effects

    by Kevin Hosford joined

    29.2K Videos / 7,883 Members

    You got skills in After Effects, Why not showcase and showoff them skills and maybe inspire or be inspired by some equally talented people Kev :).Your admin

  8. VFX Motion Graphic

    by Ragazzo joined

    15.1K Videos / 5,316 Members

    Hello folks, this group should be a big place for new inspirations. So be creative and upload the best work you can. I'm glad to see you here. Still another thing, please don't upload…

  9. Cinema 4D

    by Matt_See4D joined

    19K Videos / 7,679 Members

    Largest Maxon Cinema 4D place @ Vimeo (unofficial). This group welcomes all Cinema 4D & BodyPaint3D users, C4D artists and CG enthusiasts. - Upload your C4D tutorial videos and videos based…

  10. After Effects User

    by Emrys Roberts joined

    49.3K Videos / 15.7K Members

    I am hoping after effects users will use this space as a center for advice, tutorials, collaboration and exploration in the world of using Adobe After Effects. Adobe After Effects is one of the leading…

  11. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    44.6K Videos / 11.8K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  12. videoart

    by nagash joined

    62.3K Videos / 19.5K Members

    art for the moving canvas

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