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Indigo River Publishing is a modern and progressive publishing house and we believe in a more dynamic and entrepreneurial approach to the building and marketing of our books. Our unique strategies allow us to produce product quality on par with the large publishing houses, while still remaining small and flexible enough to remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

It is common for many publishers today to focus the majority of their time and attention only toward their authors who have proven marketability, neglecting their first-time authors. Another common problem in the publishing world is the self- publisher's lack of involvement, resulting in poor-quality books and fewer copies sold.

Indigo River Publishing is not in the business to simply bind and print books. We take on a limited number of new projects each year to ensure our product's integrity, deliver books of the highest-quality, and focus on the most effective book promotions. Indigo River accepts books for publication that are vibrant, full of life and have strong voices and positive messages.

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  1. 23:54 According to 16:06, a traditional publisher is far from knowing anything about the readers, so self-publishers doing all from their desk, including building relationships with their readers, are obviously far better off.