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Manufacturer of Polished Petrified Wood Fossil Stone Furniture and Solid Hardwood Lumber Cut Wood Slabs. We are working with certain homeowners, special interior designers and the best companies to create some of the most beautiful and unique custom made Rustic Style Home, Patio & Garden products in the world.

Our Petrified Wood Fossils products are handmade from fossilized tree stones that are over 25 million years old. We manufacture polished Petrified Wood Stump Stools and Fossil Wood Tables, Petrified Stone End Tables, Fossil Stone Side Tables and Petrified Wood Fossils Stone Furnishings and Tree Stump Fossils Coffee Tables. Petrified Wood Boards, Petrified Wood Fossils Slab, Fossil Wood Slice and Fossil Stone Tile for sale. Petrified Palm Wood Fossils and Fossil Wood Sinks wholesale manufacturing and exporting.

Solid Hardwoods Lumber Cut Wood Slabs made from our exotic woods collection. Large Suar Wood Dining Table Tops, Albizia Saman Slab, Rain Tree Wood Table Top Slabs and Monkey Pod Cut Wood Slice for sale. These beautiful hardwood slab tops are custom made in sizes from 1 meter long to 6 meters long.

World wide shipping available. Special ocean freight shipping rates to Canada, Germany, LA, NYC, Singapore and UK container ports. For more information regarding our current stock and wholesale prices please email us at

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