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Institut FATIMA

A collective? An institute? A sect? A musical group?

Anyway, advanced music makes rampampam!

The two german musicians living in Barcelona Paul and Carsten aka Pepe Zabala and Coni Eilend (ex "LOS KUNKA BOYS" and still "Wireless Artist") founded Institut FATIMA to improove electronic music performance on stage as much as tecnotronic live jazz improvisations. Also for their handmade low-fi music which they play together since 11 years. They are investigating in controlling their laptops without touching them anymore. In the early beginnings of 2007 they found a way with a tracking software which allows them to control their machines only by using some papercards and webcams. Recently they found out that also the audience could participate and manipulate their songs with huge cards showing them long distanced to their cameras. Soon they will come to your town and let you play with their music.

Everything dreamable is possible

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