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Interdisciplinary artist and creative workshop facilitator

Puppeteer, puppet-maker, comic artist, stop-motion animator and performer who works with image, movement and storytelling whose practice focuses on the human mind. His favourite themes revolve around the invisible, impermanence and infinity as well as the Jungian concept of the archetypes.

His artistic journey went from satirical political press illustration and comic art since early 80's to Puppetry, clowning and Performance Art through film-making and stop-motion animation, land crossing and efforts of mindfulness.

As a member of Outside Puppets collective he seeks to develop a mutually beneficial communitary artistic practice using performing with puppets and masks in the breath of Bread and Puppets.

His mental and physical activity is influenced by West African animist beliefs and theories and practices coming from Buddhism and ancient martial art Qi-Gong.

Inspiration and support comes from the work of puppeteer and facilitator Gary Friedman (in South African prisons), Jackson Pollock's controversial action-painting technique and the shamanic performative communitary work of Marcus Coates.

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