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Aaron graduated from Brooks Institute in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography (emphasis in Digital Media).

He writes, directs, produces and edits content for social media, corporate video, event, documentary, narrative, and music videos, which have promoted local businesses such as 213 Spirited Ventures and Fortune 500 companies such as Virgin Airlines. For years he served as a Freelance Post Production Expert, with clients that included Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club, Film Garden Entertainment, Angry Films, Jaime Monroy Studios and Station 12 Films.

His short film “Made Incorrect” won 2nd Place at the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Film Competition, the Gold Medal For Excellence at the Park City Film & Music Festival and won at the New York IFV Festival. It was selected to be featured in the “Anthology of the Foundation SUISA about the History of Swiss Film Music 1920-2012″. He is a Sundance Screenwriters Lab Semifinalist for his feature screenplay The Absence of Color and his recent documentary short “Downtown Art Walk” was honored with a Special Commendation for Service by the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Board.

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