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What is it like to lose your comfortable space? Leave your country, your flat, your town…
At some point in our life we all experienced that contorting or exciting feeling that spawns when something changes.
Imagine not being alone with that feeling. Imagine having a group of people who understands you and backs you up. Imagine you can recreate with them a place to call “home”. How would that inclusion shape the way you look at the outside world? How would that seclusion be seen by the outside world?
This is what (IN)VISIBLE CITIES is about: stories common to each of us. In our case they are told by migrants who traveled from Sub-Saharan Africa. We aspire to know about their journeys and settlements, about their cultures, by subverting the filmmaking and journalism laws and traveling in at least 12 cities of the world to produce 12 episodes and an interactive website.

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