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The short films of Invisible Engine have been described various ways, but here are a few of our favorites:

"The disturbed brainchild of... Sean Bury, Chris Cantwell and Matt Wyatt."
"...not only pointless, but also stupid..."
"Just brilliant."
"Gay and Stupid."

You can find the full collection of gay and stupid films at:


  1. Jason Carlin
  2. Caroline Martin
  3. Luke Perkin
  4. Alex Miller
  5. studiobrullo
  6. toys prophet
  7. Mike Pearce
  8. Hampus Lideborg
  9. loonachic
  10. Ben Millett
  11. Robert Hubert
  12. Laura
  13. Marsha
  14. Zadi Diaz
  15. Remi Noell
  16. Jackie Birov
  17. Peter Berkman
  18. James Gowdey

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  1. Julio Job Lopez commented on Cock Shot
    Someone had to tell me to quiet down in the library i was laughing so hard. Gotta get that cock shot.