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cape town, south africa

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the invisible sessions is a series of raw videos on global music. its dream is to introduce you to worlds you might have never stumbled across otherwise, and to do so in a thoroughly pleasurable way for everyone.

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  1. Anders Weberg
  2. Ufuoma Otu
  3. Lavado Stubbs
  4. Brent Pierce
  5. Bianca Giaever
  6. Landfill Harmonic
  7. Kontinual Motion
  8. Fernando Pereira
  9. Turenne
  10. Jacques de Villiers
  12. bulle plexiglass
  13. Emile Jansen
  14. Molly Blank
  15. Bart Johnson
  16. Scott Macklin
  17. Vincent Urban
  18. Smadar Shilo-Marcus

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  1. Jacob, did you ever recover the footage you lost with the corrupt .mkv files? I'm just experiencing this for the first time. Is it a card problem or a camera problem?