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Implementing psychosocial care as a crosscutting issue. Ipso develops good ideas and helps to put them into reality.

Ipso offers support through supervision and coaching for people working in this field. All programs aims at helping people who are suffering from psychosocial problems, traumatic experiences and difficulties caused by manmade or natural catastrophes to find a way out of the victimized state of just being a beneficiary. The programs not only aim to releaze immediate psychosocial burdens but also aim to restore and support cultural and social identity as a basis for a healthy and meaningful life with dignity and the right to live according to ones own values.

Psychosocial work has the intention to empower people to:

• Shape their lives according to their own values and needs
• To be able to create good relationships
• To be able to solve conflicts
• To be able to use their own resources
• To be able to live a meaningfull life

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