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3D Cinematographer living the dream in a galaxy far, far away...

Project List.


Film 4, LAIKA

The Boxtrolls, LAIKA


Knack (Sony, SCEA)

HALO 4 (Microsoft, 343 Industries)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Lucasfilm Animation)

Season 5 Episodes:
A War on Two Fronts

Season 4 Episodes:
Crisis on Naboo
Water War
Shadow Warrior
The General
Escape from Kadavo

Season 3 Episodes:
Supply Lines
Evil Plans
Pursuit of Peace
Altar of Mortis
Counter Attack

Season 2 Episodes:
Children of the Force
Landing at Point Rain
Legacey of Terror
The Deserter
Duchess of Mandalore
Senate Murders
Lethal Trackdown

Back at the Barnyard (O-Entertainment for Nickelodeon)

Season 2 Episodes:
Club Otis/School of Otis
Otis vs. Bigfoot/The Haunting
Home Sweet Hole/Otis Mom
Tale of 2 Snottys/ Snotty's New Pet
A Barn Day's Night/Meet the Ferrets
Pigmalion/Big Top Barnyard
The Big Barnyard Broadcast/Great Sheep Escape
Raging Cow/Barnyard Games

Season 1 Episodes:
Hypno-A-Go-Go/War of the Pranks
Lights! Camera! Moo!/Animal Farmers
The Manchurian Cow/Fowl Play
Saving Mrs. Beady/Farmer Takes a Woman
Chez Pig/The Right Cow
Cowman and Ratboy/Cow's Best Friend
Escape from the Barnyard/The Good, the Bad, the Snotty

Barnyard, Omation (Nickelodion Films & Paramount Pictures)


  2. A Jesus Church
  3. Studio La Cachette
  4. CreativeMornings/Portland
  5. Leo Santos
  6. Herzog & Company
  7. Cornerstone Ministries
  8. Refuge American Canyon
  9. Ryan Cory
  10. Nvizage
  11. Pixel Liberation Front
  12. Persistence of Vision
  13. Halon Entertainment
  14. Edwon
  15. Previsualization Society

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