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Degreed with a diploma of School of Fine arts of Paris in 2009 with a work of video installation and drawing, the french artist Isabelle develops a multidisciplinary practice (video, installation of object and video, drawing, etc.) which has been shown in France (Paris, Gallery La citerne, in Marseille) and also in Germany (Spielraum Gallery in Berlin), In Nigeria (the Alliance Française of Lagos), in China (the French institut of Beijing).

Her work, in a general way, evokes the borders which we create in ourselves and /or between us. Borders as zones of separation, demarcation and / or exchanges, transmissions. Lands of tensions, sometimes conflicts, between resistance and desire. It is by the gestural report from the body to the object, the representation mostly split of the body or the presence of archetypal objects, that she proposes a language which retranscribes sometimes ironically, the other times poetically, relational behavior or still internal tensions. Through her works, mainly videographic (which some, presented on black paper base, exist as paintings in movement) she stages allegorical situations which aim not at imposing ideas but at studying characteristics of the human nature.

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