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Working in Brooklyn, NYC, Isaiah’s self-directed design projects build upon an assertion that art and design can play an important role in the elevation of deeper public discourse on social issues and his artwork employs aggressive mark-making to pursue an ongoing study of the human form.

Isaiah has a degree in Graphic Design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a focus in Printmaking. Since moving to NYC and starting his studio Isaiah has collaborated with progressive non-profits, businesses, arts groups creating custom design solutions. Clients include The Culver Studios, Fenton Communications, FilmAid International, BBH NYC, IFAW, Loews Hotels, Rebuild The Dream, Color of Change, New Media Advocacy Project and an array of amazing filmmakers, photographers, rockers, animators and other kick-ass creatives in the New York City area.

Isaiah's work appeared in the Taschen book, Design for Obama. His artwork and design have been exhibited in New York City, Boston, Tenerife (Spain) and Ottawa (Canada).

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