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Ishay started his film making career as an on set assistant camera trainee. It was after he
graduated from film school, studying motion picture, photography and directing, that he
found himself naturally drawn to the sets. Working on hundreds of local and international
productions, Ishay became a leading camera first assistant (Focus Puller). It was only around
1995 that his romance with comedy and acting took off, first on stage, and then on to
Television and film, where his passion really is. It was only a few years later that Ishay
decided to peruse a directing career, and while teaching young actors along with preforming
himself. Ishay today is a leading comedy director with a great love for comedy/ acting lead
TV commercials. His work won many awards throughout the year both local and global.
On May 2009 announce as one of the 7th annual new director's showcase by the NYC Shoot magazine.

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