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  1. Awardeo

    by The Awardeo Company joined

    2,185 Videos / 2,118 Members

    The awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best filmmakers on Vimeo. Website launching soon! Join this group for early access and cool stuff. Add your videos for a chance to be featured. Lean…

  2. Nikon 1 V1 Videos

    by Dan Buck Joyce - OFILMS joined

    39 Videos / 15 Members

    The Nikon 1 V1 shoots upto 60fps 4K RAW - this is a group for people who have used this feature to make films with.

  3. nikon1raw filmmaking

    by fcr joined

    44 Videos / 32 Members

    Videos shot with Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras using their high speed continuous raw photo shooting mode. (Note: this is NOT a group for videos shot with the video mode of the camera.)

  4. Vimeo Weekend Challenge

    by Cameron Christopher joined

    5,679 Videos / 17.4K Members

    Want to participate in our weekly Challenges? Join the Group to receive messages and new Challenges! Only add relevant videos, please.

  5. Panasonic Lumix GH3 User Group

    by H. Paul Moon joined

    1,340 Videos / 1,637 Members

    BUY NOW: at Amazon: http://amzn.to/gh-3 at B&H: http://bhpho.to/gh-3b This is the User Group for Panasonic's Lumix GH3 micro four-thirds camera. Modeled after the thriving communities…

  6. Sport/Workout/Fitness

    by James Tallen joined

    410 Videos / 158 Members

    A group created to show off all sports, inspire working out and over all fitness

  7. Sony Vegas

    by Underground Planet joined

    8,277 Videos / 1,710 Members

    Please state in either the description or tags of the video's you add here that the video was edited in Sony Vegas. Feel free to post just about anything that was created in Sony Vegas. Do keep…

  8. Midwest Filmmakers

    by Harry Locke IV joined

    3,242 Videos / 484 Members

    A group dedicated to all you cinematic artists that either originate, or produce a bulk of your work in the Midwestern territories. Lets see what kind of cinematic magic is being pumped out of the…

  9. Ohio Filmmakers Unite

    by Dylan Kelly joined

    429 Videos / 110 Members

    A group for Ohio residents and filmmakers can share their video and film projects. If you are a former Ohioan then feel free to join in on the fun in the Heart Of It All.

  10. Germany

    by Christian Thorge Schmidt joined

    1,162 Videos / 186 Members

    All about Germany

  11. Ireland on Camera

    by Lucy Jones joined

    708 Videos / 234 Members

    The aim is to get as many Irish Filmer's together in one space. A group for people, videos and anything shot in or about Ireland. I wanna see the real talent of the Irish filmmakers/camera people…

  12. Community Based Tutorials

    by Vimeo Video School joined

    1,588 Videos / 5,723 Members

    Vimeo Video School is made up of billions of video tutorials made by Vimeo members. Do you make video tutorials? Do you know of any good tutorials that we should know about? Submit them here! http://vimeo.com/videoschool

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