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Ivan Penov (Macedonia) is a composer and audiovisual artist. He studied piano and cello in his country and proceeded with studies in Electronic Music and Digital Arts at the Conservatory "G. Tartini" in Trieste with Roberto Doati, Paolo Pachini, Pietro Polotti and Nicola Buso, where he graduated "magna cum laude" in 2013 with the videocomposition Controcorrente. During his studies he participated with his electroacoustic and audiovisual compositions on various festivals and events, locally and internationally.
In 2008 he has been selected at 35° Concours Internationaux de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges in France with the composition Tentativi, that was further presented at Festival Synthèse 2008. In 2009 he was finalist at VII Concurso Internacional de Miniaturas Electroacústicas in Andalucia (Spain) with the electroacoustic miniature Triggering High Contrasts. From 2009 he collaborated with the visual artists Margherita Pevere and Lara Ušić on various occasions, creating audiovisual compositions and interactive installations. With Margherita Pevere he composed gl EIS s EN d BAHN (2008) and Come sull'acqua (2009). In 2011 together with the singer and artist Francesca Bergamasco and the flutist Asja Grauf created the multimodal performance Unstern for voice, flute, live video, live electronics and tape, performed in Ljubljana (Slovenia), at Biennale di Musica Contemporanea in Koper (Slovenia), Festival (Da)(Ne)s in Maribor (Slovenia). From 2010 he has been dedicated to artistic research in the field of audiovisual languages composing videocompositions such as Edgeless (2010), awarded at 38° International Computer Music Conference - ICMC 2012 in Ljubljana as Best Student Composition Work and further selected at the videomusic exhibition Synchresis 2011, organized by Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España. The same event selected another his work Entropy Swing, at the 2012 edition. In 2012 he presented two works at 19° Colloquio di Informatica Musicale - CIM in Trieste.


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