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  1. Visual/Special FX

    by BK Garceau, III

    13K Videos / 5,131 Members

    For any film/video that uses visual or special effects, whether its 2D/3D animation, green screen compositing, or just cool effects! Share your creative ideas, thoughts and expressions!


    by Vitor Teixeira

    2,539 Videos / 1,552 Members

    A place not only for Effects Artist but to all creative people that want to learn and share experiences, knowledge in the world of Fluid Simulations. Experiments, Making Of´s, Tutorials and…

  3. Thinking Particles

    by HeadSmell

    815 Videos / 905 Members

    This is a place for all Thinking Particles Animations, R&D and cool stuff about TP!

  4. Realflow

    by FA1LURE

    1,194 Videos / 842 Members

    A quiet location where anyone can post, share, comment, and view anything and everything Realflow. This is an ideal place to post your Realflow simulations, concepts, and final executions.

  5. Particle Flow Toolboxes (by Orbaz)

    by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss

    721 Videos / 834 Members

    Particle Flow Tools is a set of operators and other software tools created by the original author of Particle Flow for extending its capabilities. Official forum here: http://www.orbaz.com/forum Official…

  6. Krakatoa Love

    by Ian Clemmer

    651 Videos / 806 Members

    Do you love Krakatoa? Thinkbox Software's particle rendering software, capable of handling billions of particleS? This is the group for you, throw anything in made with this software, experiments,…

  7. Houdini - Go Procedural

    by IVEMaker

    574 Videos / 613 Members

    Houdini and Visual Effects

  8. CG Cookie

    by CG Cookie

    877 Videos / 573 Members

    Have a video related to Computer Graphics? Add it to the group and help keep the education rolling around.

  9. 3Dsmax-R&D

    by Toufik Mekbel

    1,071 Videos / 521 Members

  10. fumefx & particles

    by Prihardimansyah

    1,202 Videos / 491 Members

    its all about fumefx and particles

  11. Houdini Club

    by Alexey Denisenko

    471 Videos / 456 Members

    Российский клуб изучающих Houdini http://www.sidefx.com

  12. illusion of houdini

    by pulppix

    3,653 Videos / 413 Members

    ● houdini R&D ● houdini VFX ● ILLUSION OF LIFE ● 400 Members :)

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