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Hello, welcome to iWeddingVisuals. You may wonder why we are called iWedding. We started doing weddings when Apple first launched iPhone, yes that was about 6 years ago wasn't it. And all in a sudden, everything fancy and with good design were called i-Something. So we jumped on the bandwagon of calling ourselve iWedding and our works are all about visuals of course.

What we do - wedding films simple. We really think that wedding films are more important than photography with current technology. In the past, many brides just used uncle Ben to capture the wedding in a handycam. Footage all came out shaky, blurry and noisy. So wedding films had never been a format of arts, until recently when DSLR enable us filmmakers to capture shots with so many different types of lenses....

Anyways, we had been doing wedding since the shoulder mount camcorder age till now we've got 4 DSLRs and a range of filmmaking tools to produce high-end and cinematic productions for our brides. Why not drop us a line and see what we can do for you on probably one of the biggest days of your life?


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