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Ian I’m freelance illustrator, comic creator and printmaker. I do artwork for bands, comics, publications and other clients. I’ve been known to provide concept art as well. I live in St. Pete/Clearwater are of Florida.

I started doing illustration on a professional level when I was 15 doing fliers, layouts and advertising, web hosting and a bit of art direction for a local metal magazine called Rivot Rag, for which I also wrote for. I also did art direction as well when working for a metal tv show called Hell’s Gates. I later started doing album art, logos, shirt designs and show fliers for local bands. My love of music and comics got me into this and both keep driving me deeper in. I’ve been on the other side, spent several years playing in various bands in Florida, meeting lots of cool people and checking out a lot of awesome bands.

After awhile my work spread to doing national and international acts, ranging from death, sludge and black metal to hip hop and country. I decided to pursue it as a career and never looked back. I recently became a regular artist for a British Horror mag called Morpheus Tales and I also started working on the scripts and concept art for a few comics I am self publishing, tentatively due out next year.

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