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Debut album "Vacation (a pop manifesto)" available on Folkwit Records

"A sunny escape, an oasis of happiness, a celebration of music so joyful that it is impossible to resist to these infectious melodies" (Popnews on "Vacation").
"Be warned, Vacation will steal your heart… and you won't want it back" (Fatea Showcases)
"Saturated in warm sepia tones, Vacation (A Pop Manifesto) is a free-spirited record, ideal for a lazy afternoon in the sun" (Amazing Radio)

The idea behind Jack and the’ is to combine catchy melodies influenced by 60s’ pop with elaborate rhythms and song structures. The first album "Vacation (a pop manifesto)", a collection of fifteen pop miniatures, was released on Folkwit Records (UK) and Smallroom Records (Thailand).

Led by Julien Lonchamp, Jack and the' is currently recording a second album that sees the band venturing into the fields of orchestral pop. Flute, clarinet, trombone, vibraphone, cello but also banjo or sitar populate this new sound, somewhere between pop, chamber music and jazz.

Contact: jackandthe@gmail.com

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