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I'm Jack. I am currently studying Editing and Post Productions at Ravensbourne, London. In my free time I love to create and edit short videos, build websites and generally be creative working in a range of different media.

I have always had a creative mind; building cardboard robots out of old tissue boxes and toilet rolls since the age of seven. I progressed into trying to record music with my best friend at the age of 11, using my newly bought guitar and an tape recorder. As a matter of fact, the recordings were not too bad, once you got past the lack of any obvious musical talent!

Then, at the age of 14, I became interested in video. I was gifted an old video camera, so I set to work on creating my first project. The final product is a video called News On the Loo. Notorious with my school friends, the comical video shows me presenting a basic news program from the comfort of my own loo!

I aspire to work in the film/television industry, with my decision to study Editing a big step towards that. My end goal, at the moment, is to be working as an editor on music videos or in film. I’d also love to be part of the production team on Top Gear due to their high tempo and creative edits. Strange, I know, but I have always been captivated by the show’s use of effects and camera shots.

I hope this allows you to gain an insight into my life so far. I can't wait to see what happens next for me! So make sure you keep tuned viewers!

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