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  1. 00:58


    by Jack Myers

    2 Videos

    Videos of my little hand-cranked, kinetic boxes.

  2. 00:28

    Timelapse and Stock Footage

    by Jack Myers

    2 Videos

    Timelapse and Stock Footage available for purchase at Pond5: http://www.pond5.com/artist/jackbenimble

  3. 01:13


    by Jack Myers

    5 Videos

    Various Animation Tests

  4. 22:32

    Home Movies

    by Jack Myers

    4 Videos

    Early films and animations.

  5. 19:30


    by Jack Myers

    11 Videos

    Featured work

  6. 01:38

    Commercial Work

    by Jack Myers

    15 Videos

    Animation, Art Direction and Directorial work by Jack Myers

  7. 04:39


    by Jack Myers

    7 Videos

    Film and Video Shorts

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